Directional Audio Capturing and Reproduction

Sensor Networks for Immersive Environments

A focused application area in SPL in the intersection of wireless sensor networks and immersive audio environments. We would like to enable “immersive presence” for the user at any event where sound is of interest. This includes concert-hall performances; outdoor concerts performed in large stadiums; wildlife preserves and refuges, studying the everyday activities of wild animals; and underwater regions, recording the sounds of marine mammals. In the case of large venues which are possibly outdoors or even underwater, and for recording times of days or even months, the traditional practice of deploying an expensive high-quality recording system which cannot operate autonomously becomes impossible.

The capture, processing, coding and transmission of the audio content through multiple sensors, as well as the reconstruction of the captured audio signals so that immersive presence can be facilitated in real time to any listener, are central application goals of SPL researchers.

Immersive Audio Communication Systems

SPL researchers have been committed to derive novel algorithms for developing real-time immersive audio communications systems. We envision such systems to be able to perform real-time and efficient localization, directional coding, and immersive reproduction of multiple sound sources. The objective is to provide the user immersive sound communication the ability to communicate with multiple participants in one or more remote locations in a natural manner.

We have developed such systems, which perform the following tasks:

  • Real-time, accurate, and robust sound localization of multiple concurrent sources, indoors or outdoors
  • Low-bitrate transmission of the original sound field
  • Interactive reproduction using a GUI where the user can enhance/isolate the sound(s) of his/her interest

Our currently developed systems operate using one or more microphone arrays, and offers the ability to localize and also to track multiple moving sources. Compared to the state-of-the-art, our systems offer an extremely efficient operation in the presence of multiple sound sources, and are thus suitable for a variety of real-life sound communication applications.

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