Immersive Audio Facility

SPL’s Immersive Audio Facility is located in the new Ambient Intelligence (AmI) building in FORTH campus. It is a 50 sq.m. reference listening room following a room-in-room design, fully compliant with the ITU-R BS.1116 standard for reference listening rooms in multichannel audio experimentation.


The facility is an invaluable tool for Quality of Experience (QoE) audio-visual evaluations. The state-of-the-art audio equipment in this facility includes:

  • Digital Audio Workstations with Avid Pro Tools HD
  • 32 analog audio I/O using the Avid HDX system
  • Avid Pro Tools C|24 digital mixing console
  • 24 Genelec 8050 monitor loudspeakers for 5.1, 7.1, or arbitrary configurations (various elevations can be chosen)
  • High-quality sound processing and measurement tools
  • 3D video rendering equipment

Low power embedded platforms for Distributed Sensor Networks & IoT

deploymentSPL invests on cutting edge embedded platforms for realizing, testing and evaluating the performance of algorithms for enabling distributed and lightweight processing over Distributed Sensor  Sensor Networks and IoT. Key components for our DSN testbeds and deployments include:

  • The Zolertia Z1 embedded platforms, featuring the prestigious combination of TI MSP430 + CC2420 for realizing low-cost and low-power IEEE 802.15.4-compatible Wireless Sensor Networks;
  • The OpenMote IoT platforms that are equipped with the TI CC2538 SoC for increased flexibility and computational efficacy
  • The Shimmer3 wearable platforms for realizing high-speed algorithms for human activity recognition
  • The Odroid multi-processing unit, providing the computational efficacy of ARM Cortex-A9 (Quad-core).