2018 Workshop on Computational Intelligence in Astrophysics

Modern astrophysical research relies on massive amounts of observations from terrestrial and spaceborne platforms, such as LSST and EUCLID. Traditional approaches involving the analysis by experts are facing significant challenges in dealing with the huge volumes of observations. The Workshop on Computational Intelligence in Astrophysics aims at bringing together researchers from the astrophysics and computer science communities in an effort to understand the potential and pitfalls of such collaborations in this emerging topic.
DateJuly 10, 2018LocationSeminar Room 1, FORTH main building
Organizing committee: Panagiotis Tsakalides (FORTH), Vassilis Charmandaris (UoC), Jean-Luc Starck (CEA), Grigorios Tsagkatakis (FORTH)
10:15Data analysis challenges in the future of strong and micro lensingGeorge VernardosKapteyn Astronomical Institute
11:00Star formation across scales: From galaxies, to clouds, to coresEva NtormousiAstrophysics group, FORTH
12:15Monte Carlo radiative transfer in dusty environmentsMarko StalevskiAstronomical Observatory of Belgrade
14:30Deconvolution and Deblending of Galaxy Survey ImagesSamuel FarrensCEA, Saclay
15:15Deep Learning applications in astrophysicsGrigorios TsagkatakisInstitute of Computer Science, FORTH
16:00Workshop conclusion